Genshin Impact Last Phantasmal Conch 20 Astral Realm Domain Minacious Isle

Mona’s astral domain is filled with several puzzles. You could opt to solve only the ones required for the main quest. However, a few more will eventually lead you to a special collectible. Here’s our Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conch locations guide to help you obtain the last item in the Ancient Azure Stars domain.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub. You can also check out our main guide for the other Phantasmal Conches in version 2.8.


Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conch guide – The last collectible in Mona’s Ancient Azure Stars domain

Initially, the chamber that you’ll visit will be barred on your first visit to Mona’s astral domain. As such, make sure you’ve completed the main quest so that all chambers are accessible via the Asterism Shards that you’ve found.

In any case, you’ll want to open the first room to your left. Take note of the up and down arrows to symbolize the shards needed for the upper and lower slots respectively.

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Follow the staircase that leads to the back, whereupon you’ll end up in a cavernous area with a pit. A translucent bridge will then appear so you can make your way to the next section. What follows is a series of Star Guide puzzles that you’ll need to solve. Don’t forget to hit and rotate the pedestals accordingly, and smack the ones that don’t need to be lit.

Star Guide puzzle #1

Star Guide puzzle #2

Star Guide puzzle #3

After solving the third Star Guide puzzle, the constellation will turn into an arrow that’s pointing to the right.

Open the chest and interact with the wall to the right. It will reveal a passageway to a secret area.

Gen Pct 28 D5 Phnt20 2

There’s an entirely different puzzle here, but you should see the twentieth and final Phantasmal Conch in Genshin Impact.

With it, you’ll have obtained everything that’s part of the Resonating Visions task. Remember that you only need 16 of these for Fischl’s alternate costume, so the other ones are mostly to complete your collection.

Gen Pct 28 D5 Phnt20 3

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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