Genshin Impact Pyro Hypostasis Smoldering Pearl Guide

Genshin Impact: Pyro Hypostasis and Smoldering Pearl guide

Burn, baby, burn!
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The Perpetual Mechanical Array isn’t the only elite/boss that you can fight in Inazuma. That’s because another crystalline foe can be found as you’re exploring. It’s the Pyro Hypostasis, and it’s got several deadly mechanics. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you defeat the Pyro Hypostasis to farm the Smoldering Pearl item.

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To find the Pyro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to travel southwest from Narukami Island. Eventually, you’ll reach a large landmass called Kannakuza.

If you managed to activate Kannakuza’s Statue of the Seven, you’ll see the Pyro Hypostasis’ icon on your map. It’s directly north of the Statue of the Seven.

Gen Pct Pyhyp Bs Gd 1

So, what can you expect when you’re battling the Pyro Hypostasis? Well, it’s significantly tougher compared to the other elite enemies that you’ve fought before. This is primarily due to its Ignited and Extinguished states:

  • While Ignited, the boss’ core isn’t exposed and it regenerates a bit of HP.
  • To push it towards the Extinguished phase which exposes its core, you have to use elemental reactions to break its shield. Mind you, Vaporize seems to be the most effective, so try to bring Hydro characters like Childe, Mona, or Xinqiu.

Genshin Impact Pyro Hypostasis Smoldering Pearl Guide 1

The Pyro Hypostasis will try to use the following attacks:

  • Ground Smash – Punches the ground to create an explosive shockwave.
  • Doomwheel – Transforms into a gigantic wheel that will try to steamroll your character.
  • Fire Snake – Transforms into a snake that breathes out several fireballs.
  • Bulldoze – Transforms into a bull that attempts to ram you.

Note: These are just some examples. There are others including turning into a swarm of butterflies, the usual wall smash, and homing projectiles.

Genshin Impact Pyro Hypostasis Smoldering Pearl Guide 2

What you want to anticipate is the boss’ Extinguished phase. With its core exposed, you can quickly nuke it, or deal enough damage for a few seconds. However, you want to be ready for its Fire Seeds spell. This is akin to its “last stand” mechanic (even though its HP isn’t low yet).

Basically, it’ll spawn three crystals around it. These need to be destroyed immediately to slow down its attempts to switch back to the Ignited phase. It will continue to do its attacks/transformations, but some of these abilities will leave the core exposed.

Genshin Impact Pyro Hypostasis Smoldering Pearl Guide 3

After defeating the Pyro Hypostasis, you can grab your rewards which will always include the Smoldering Pearl item. It’s a good idea to farm it since Yoimiya uses it as her character ascension material.

Note: Yoimiya’s wish banner will be live after Ayaka’s banner expires on August 10.

Gen Pct Pyhyp Bs Gd 2

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