Genshin Impact: Qingyun Peak’s Three Divine Birds puzzle

Genshin Impact Qingyun Peak Divine Birds Puzzle

Genshin Impact‘s world holds many secrets for you to discover. One of those happens to be located in Qingyun Peak. There, you have to find three Divine Birds to solve a puzzle and gain cool rewards. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Genshin Impact: Solving the Three Divine Birds puzzle in Qingyun Peak

If you’ve been exploring the area of Qingyun Peak in Genshin Impact, it’s likely that you’ve seen its majestic mountains. Other than climbing, many of these are reached by being buffeted by wind currents and gliding towards your destination.

Likewise, if you have Venti with you (obtained via the “Ballad of Goblets” Wish), you can charge up his elemental skill to get a boost and float higher in the air.

Gen Pct Qy Pk Div 1

Anyway, once you reach the teleportation device in Qingyun Peak, you’ll spot a curious-looking pedestal. It tells you of Three Divine Birds atop the mountains in the area.

Gen Pct Qy Pk Div 2

These mountain peaks and Three Divine Birds refer to those found on Mount Hulao, Mount Aozang, and the one just beside the Statue of the Seven (Geo) near your current location.

I’ve encircled these points of interest on the map below:

Gen Pct Qy Pk Div 3

Once you’ve reached these locations, your goal is to find their respective Divine Bird statue. Rotate them so that they face the general direction of the pedestal atop Qingyun Peak.

If you do it right, the statue will emit a beam of light.

Genshin Impact Qingyun Peak Divine Birds Puzzle 1

Do this for all three statues and return to Qingyun Peak’s pedestal.

Note: Don’t forget to interact with the teleporter beacons you encounter. These will make fast travel points active.

Genshin Impact Qingyun Peak Divine Birds Puzzle 2

Once you’re back at Qingyun Peak’s pedestal, you’ll notice wind currents that sweep you further upward.

Ride the wind currents and hop on top of the floating platforms that have spawned.

Genshin Impact Qingyun Peak Divine Birds Puzzle 3

Upon reaching the top, you’ll be at a floating island with a shrine and several treasure chests. Read the inscription, grab your loot, and marvel at the view.

This is just one of many secrets you’ll find in Genshin Impact. Keep traveling the world of Teyvat and you might discover more.

Genshin Impact Qingyun Peak Divine Birds Puzzle 4

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