Genshin Impact: Risen Moon Chapter quest guide (Kusava arc)

Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter Guide

After meeting Aranakin, as well as obtaining the Kusava gadget and Zohrah Mushroom, you’ll have another task ahead of you. This one gives you yet another useful function for your tool. Here’s our Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter guide to help you with this quest that’s related to Aranyaka Part 2 and Adventure with Aranara.

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Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter guide

The Risen Moon Chapter quest in Genshin Impact will pop up in your menu automatically (assuming you’ve done Aranakin’s tasks). Go to the marked location to meet Aragaru. The Kusava gadget will also have a new power that allows you to destroy rocks with vines. Use it now to open the way inside the cave.

Genpct Smr3 Ksv2 1a

The goal here is to interact with the runes on the walls. Two are along the pathway (be on the lookout for breakable walls), and the third is past the tree trunk bridge.

After interacting with all three, Aragaru says that the item he needs, the Barsam Flower, is elsewhere.

Genpct Smr3 Ksv2 1b

Go back outside and make your way to the objective marker. Aragaru will open the path for you so you can jump down the pit.

In the large underground chamber, you’ll find a massive sealed door, as well as a couple of seelie. Follow them as they loop around the narrow corridors, tagging/repairing/activating Dendro totems as you go along.

When the seelie reach their respective pedestals, the doorway will be opened. Take out the enemies here and activate the third totem.

This will let you climb the rock formation in the center to pick up the Barsam Flower.

Unfortunately, your celebration is short-lived, when water rushes in to fill the entire chamber. You’ll end up near the Palace of Alcazarzaray. This will also complete the Risen Moon Chapter quest in Genshin Impact. Oh, and if you want to open the chest here, simply hit the three totems with Dendro. Two can be seen in the image below, and the third is behind a sealed boulder that can be destroyed with the Kusava.

Next up, you’ll be doing a quest called The Final Chapter. That will conclude this particular arc.

Genshin Impact Risen Moon Chapter Guide 3

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