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III. Mt. Hulao and the Mountain Shaper

Mt. Hulao is all the way to the west past Jueyun Karst. If you’ve been exploring Genshin Impact‘s world, there’s a good chance you’ve activated the teleporter here since it’s part of Qingyun Peak’s puzzle. If not, simply use the wind currents or head up the mountain path.


Here’s a map in case you need some help with the area:

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst Map 1

The amber rocks

Upon reaching Mt. Hulao’s summit, speak with Li Ding, a treasure hoarder who’s in a bind. It seems his brother has been encased in amber and you need to free him.

Note: Don’t worry even if this area is called Mt. Hulao. There’s no Lu Bu to pursue, haha.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 1a

The brother, Li Dang, is actually found all the way at the bottom of the sloping mountain path. Destroy the amber prison to free him.

Note: You can also destroy the other amber rocks to find some chests. This can be done a lot faster if you use elemental combos such as Pyro and Electro for overload.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 1b

After reuniting the two brothers, Mountain Shaper, another adepti spirit, will appear and chastise the traveler. Next up, you’ll have to go to Mt. Aozang to meet Cloud Shaper.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 1c

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