Genshin Impact Rite Of Descension Quest Liyue Harbor 2b

IV. Mt. Aozang and the Cloud Shaper

Similar to Mt. Hulao, Mt. Aozang is also one of the locations you’ve visited as part of the Qingyun Peaks puzzle. If you haven’t activated the teleportation device yet, use the mountain path or wind currents to climb higher.


Here’s a map if you need help:

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst Map 2

Presenting your food offerings

You’ll eventually reach a beautiful clearing with a pond in the middle. If you interact with the dining table, Paimon will say that people have made offerings here.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 2a

The goal is to go to three sections of this area (they’re all marked) and interact with the cooking materials.

Likewise, Paimon will give you clues and the recipes will appear once you open your cooking menu.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 2b

Here are the recipes:

  • Northern section – Matsutake Meat Roll (2x Matsutake and 2x Raw Meat).
  • Southeastern section – Mora Meat (1x Raw Meat and 1x Flour).
  • Southwestern section – Jewelry Soup (2x Snapdragon, 2x Tofu, and 1x Lotus Head).

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 2c

After cooking all three items, return to the center of the pond and make your offerings. The doorway into Cloud Shaper’s Domain will open up.

Note: You might need to place the offerings depending on the location of each seat. For instance, the spot that’s closer to the north should get the Matsutake Meat Roll. The one to the southeast has to have the Mora Meat and, lastly, the one at the southwest has to receive the Jewelry Soup.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 3a

Cloud Shaper’s Domain

Genshin Impact‘s domains are instanced dungeons which means you can’t open your menu to cook, use items, or change party members. As such, you have to make do with the characters that you bring. Do take note that the puzzles here require Pyro-based characters. Amber might just have some use after all.

Note: I didn’t have any other Pyro characters except for Xiangling and Amber. I kept failing one of the puzzles as Xiangling and I eventually had to restart the entire Cloud Shaper’s Domain challenge just so I could bring in Amber.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 3a

Anyway, here are the steps for the entire zone:

  • Challenge: Defeat 10x slime mobs.
  • Panel: Rotate it so you can reach the next platform.
  • Keep heading straight and kill the hilichurls on the next platform.
  • Panel: Rotate it so you can reach the platform to the left.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 3b

  • Challenge: Use Pyro skills to activate the totems in the correct order (this is what Amber’s for).
  • First sequence: 1-5-4.
  • Second sequence: 3-5-1-4.
  • Third sequence: 2-4-1-5-3.
  • After activating all three, pick up your loot.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 3c

  • Head back to the platform with the hilichurls. Rotate the device so you can move to the platform to the right.
  • Open the chest and use the wind current to float to the platform above you.
  • Rotate the device so you can reach the next platform.
  • Challenge: Use Pyro skills to activate the totems. Some will get deactivated depending on which ones you shoot. You can refer to the image below for the solution.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 3d

When you’re done, interact with the nearby device and rotate it so you can use the bridge to the next area. Here, the Cloud Shaper will tell you of her plans.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 3e

Back to Liyue Harbor

After this entire ordeal, return to Liyue Harbor’s Northland Bank and speak with Childe once more. This will complete Genshin Impact‘s Rite of Descension quest line.

Still, that’s only the first part. This arc will continue in “Farewell, the Archaic Lord.” However, this requires Adventure Rank 29. If you need to, grind some more Adventure Rank EXP. Then, once you hit the cap (rank 25), complete the Adventure Rank Ascension Quest, then grind some more.

Gen Pct Rt Desc Mqst 4

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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