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Genshin Impact: How to beat the Ruin Serpent for Runic Fangs

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The Ruin Serpent is a new farmable boss in Genshin Impact. You can find it once you have access to The Chasm’s underground zone. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you defeat the Ruin Serpent boss for the Runic Fang item.

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Genshin Impact guide – How to beat the Ruin Serpent and collect the Runic Fang

To get to the Ruin Serpent in Genshin Impact, simply follow the narrow passageway that’s southeast of the two teleporters in the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel area. It’s likely that you’ll end up close to this spot while doing Zhiqiong’s Commissions, too.

Gen Pct 26chs Rn Srp Rn Fg 1

As for the encounter itself, it might be one of the easiest in the game due to the boss’ weak abilities:

  • Burrow – It will periodically burrow and re-emerge at various sections of the arena.
  • Spinaroonie – While burrowing, it may do a spin attack.
  • Quicksand – It can also do an attack that funnels you to the center.

If you already have Ganyu, then this fight will be a breeze since there’s always enough time to hit the boss with your initial shot and the bloom.

Genshin Impact Ruin Serpent Runic Fang Guide The Chasm 1

When the boss is low on health or after some time passes, it will spew corrupted ooze all over the place. You’re notified that these need to be cleansed using your Lumenstone Adjuvant (and the Geo crystal will also replenish your Blooming Light charges).

If you do this, the boss will be stunned. However, it’s also possible to just brute force the whole thing. If you have characters like Bennett, Kazuha, Xiao, Ayaka, and others, they can quickly nuke the target while it’s attempting to draw energy.

Genshin Impact Ruin Serpent Runic Fang Guide The Chasm 2

Defeating the Ruin Serpent in Genshin Impact nets you the Runic Fang material. Oddly enough, not a single character in the game uses it (as of version 2.6).

Even weirder, the boss also drops Prithiva Topaz, which is used by Geo characters. The problem is that two future characters that we know of, Yelan and Kuki Shinobu, use Hydro and Electro respectively. That makes farming the Ruin Serpent now utterly pointless, unless miHoYo decides to make these characters use Runic Fangs even though the boss doesn’t drop the jewel materials that they need.

Gen Pct 26chs Rn Srp Rn Fg 2

In any case, here are some other tidbits that you can find in the Ruin Serpent’s arena in Genshin Impact:

  • Jump down the pit next to the fast travel point and go east. You’ll see Haltaf, a named Banished Knight that drops Statuette materials.
  • The passage to the northwest leads back to the initial part of the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel. You can use Geo to destroy a wall via an explosion.

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