Genshin Impact Safhe Shatranj Luxurious Chest Puzzle Guide
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You can obtain a Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact by completing the Safhe Shatranj puzzle. It involves the usage of an archer-type character so you can make the sand flow to the correct containers, allowing you to match a diagram on the wall. Here’s our Genshin Impact Safhe Shatranj Luxurious Chest puzzle guide to help you acquire your rewards from this area.

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Genshin Impact Safhe Shatranj Luxurious Chest puzzle guide

The Safhe Shatranj Luxurious Chest puzzle is in the western part of this area. Basically, you’ll want to use the teleporter and enter the nearby temple. Take the elevator to the chamber below, and you’ll spot locked goodies in the room.

Genpct V34 Dsrhadra Lux Sfhstr 1 1a

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So, how exactly do you solve the whole thing?

  • The goal is to match the left-hand side diagram with the one on the right-hand side, essentially mirroring what you see.
  • Right side = Specific containers will have a golden glow, denoting that only these containers are filled with sand. Those without a glow, meanwhile, are drained of sand.
  • Left side = Use an archer character to snipe specific parts:
    • There are two upper valves that cause sand to flow to the two topmost containers.
    • Containers also have their own valves that cause sand to funnel further down.
    • If you think you correctly did everything but a chest isn’t getting unlocked, recheck to see if a container is completely full (i.e., a long golden line), not just partially.
Genpct V34 Dsrhadra Lux Sfhstr 1 1b

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Sequence #1

  • Requires: Middle full.
  • Fill upper-left or upper-right, then hit to drain the sand toward the middle.
  • Defeat the Eremite mobs.

Sequence #2

  • Requires: Upper-right and lower-left full.
  • Drain middle.
  • Fill upper-right and leave it at that.
  • Fill upper-left and drain the sand toward the lower-left.
  • Defeat the Algorithm Sentry mobs.

Sequence #3

  • Requires: Upper-left, middle, and lower-right full.
  • Drain lower-left.
  • Drain the upper-right part so the sand goes to the lower-right container.
  • Fill upper-left and drain it going to the middle.
  • Once the middle container is completely full, fill the upper-left part once more.
  • Defeat the Ruin Drake mobs.

And that’s it, you’ve solved the Safhe Shatranj Luxurious Chest puzzle in Genshin Impact. Go ahead and pick up your rewards.

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