Genshin Impact: Setekh Wenut and Pseudo-Stamens guide

Genshin Impact Setekh Wenut Pseudo Stamens Alhaitham
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The Setekh Wenut is a boss in Genshin Impact. You’ll find it in an underground location in the Desert of Hadramaveth, a location added as part of the version 3.4 update. Here’s our Genshin Impact Setekh Wenut boss guide to help you defeat this opponent for the Pseudo-Stamens, a material used by characters like Alhaitham.

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Genshin Impact Setekh Wenut and Pseudo-Stamens guide

To reach the Setekh Wenut boss in Genshin Impact, head to the eastern portion of the Desert of Hadramaveth. There’s a teleporter in front of an entrance to a tunnel, though that leads to a separate section. Instead, you’ll want to jump down the chasm which takes you straight to the underground arena.

Note: Wenut sandworm tails/stingers will sometimes pop up to surprise you while exploring the overworld area. It’s just a minor mechanic in this particular region.

Genpct V34 Bs Stkwnt Psdstm 1

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Setekh Wenut abilities

The Setekh Wenut is an Anemo-based opponent, and it’s got some fairly simple abilities, starting when it burrows underground. The full sequence will cause the target to burrow and reemerge four times:

  • Shrapnel Projectiles – The second time it reemerges will make it fire multiple Anemo projectiles your way.
  • Beam Sweep – The fourth time it reemerges, and assuming it’s above 50% health, it’ll cast a wide beam in a sweeping arc.
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  • Windbite Bullets – It’s most dangerous attack, however, is called Windbite Bullets, which it will cast once it’s below 50% health. This can happen during the burrowing sequence, which means it won’t do Beam Sweep anymore:
    • Windbite Bullets spawn several large orbs to surround it and at least two need to be destroyed via elemental attacks that react with Anemo. Failure to do so will cause it to bombard you with multi-hit projectiles.
    • Ganyu, if you have her, is easily the best character for the job. Her bloomed charged shots can easily destroy multiple orbs, all while hitting the boss (including its slow burrowing animations). Alternatively, a different ranged character with an element that reacts to Anemo would be able to hit the orbs.
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By destroying the Windbite Bullets, you’ll temporarily stun the boss, while also reducing its resistance to the element that you just used. This gives you ample time to burst your target.

Taking out your foe nets you the usual artifacts, as well as Vayuda Turquoise (Anemo gems). Likewise, the Setekh Wenut boss in Genshin Impact also drops Pseudo-Stamens, a character ascension material used by Alhaitham. Since Alhaitham is the only one that requires this item, it’s up to you if you want to farm it, though there’s a good chance it will be used by unreleased characters such as Dehya.

Note: If you haven’t discovered it yet, the boss’ arena has a tunnel that leads to the City of the Deceased domain.

Genpct V34 Bs Stkwnt Psdstm 2

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