Genshin Impact Browser Based Stone Harbor Journal Event Promises More Fun & Rewards (2)

There have been many great games that have made a splash in 2020, but perhaps none came close in the free-to-play space to Genshin Impact. The miHoYo developed effort has seen millions of players enjoying themselves in this action-roleplaying game. The different classes, abilities, items, equipment, and more sees a depth that is appealing to hardcore players, while the moment-to-moment action is enough to hook even the casual players. In order to reach out to even more potential players, Genshin Impact is preparing the Stone Harbor Journal event for a global release.

First released on November 2 in China, the browser-based Stone Harbor Journal event is a text-based adventure. Players are transported to the city of Liyue, where jobs await around the locations of the city. With 200 Urgestein and 50,000 Mora up for grabs for the main game, you can enlist the help of either Zhongli or Childe. Both characters are new to the game, arriving in the upcoming 1.1 update for Genshin Impact.

Busy work

Genshin Impact Browser Based Stone Harbor Journal Event Promises More Fun & Rewards (1)

During their journey, you can then have a hand in how they handle certain problems. Whoever you choose, it will affect the storyline in Stone Harbor Journal. Rewards, however, will remain the same. Players will be able to attempt one job per day. Certain tasks will offer up to three additional attempts as well. It will be to your advantage to complete all of the jobs in this event, but each job will also offer its own small bonus. You can always use more Urgestein and Mora in Genshin Impact.

The Stone Harbor Journal event ended on November 10 in China. The event has been announced for the rest of the world, but no date has been set just yet. There will likely be more news now; we just have to wait and see. Perhaps it will launch together with the 1.1 update, but either way, players of Genshin Impact will have more to enjoy real soon.

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