Genshin Impact: The Narrows of Ouroboros fragment puzzle guide

Genshin Impact The Narrows Puzzle Guide

The next part in the Enkanomiya main quest in Genshin Impact requires you to find three fragments. One of these is in The Narrows. Here’s our Genshin Impact The Narrows puzzle guide to help you with the Dreams in the Gaps section of the quest.

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Genshin Impact: Enkanomiya guide – The Narrows fragment puzzle

The Narrows fragment puzzle in Genshin Impact is actually the easiest one. First, track the quest and make your way to the marked location. There’s a good chance that you’ve already tagged a nearby fast travel point while exploring Enkanomiya.

Once you’re there, you should see a Whitenight/Evernight device and a Triangular Mechanism. Make sure it’s Evernight so you can hit the Triangular Mechanism and raise the gate. Inside the narrow corridor, you can pick up 20,000 mora, and you’ll also find a Seelie. It will float upward, so just climb and follow it.

Genshin Impact The Narrows Puzzle Guide 1

On the second floor, you’ll find a Place of Essence Worship. It looks like a decaying plant, but it has a certain glow. Interact with that, too. You should find another device and Triangular Mechanism. The chest with The Narrows Fragment is right next to the latter.

Lastly, if it’s Evernight, you can hit the Triangular Mechanism to raise the nearby gate. Approach the Seelie and follow it outside (it will make a part of the wall disappear). Once it reaches its pedestal, it’ll spawn a chest.

Note: Don’t forget to complete the other puzzles in Evernight Temple and Serpent’s Heart. When you’re done with all three, return to Aru and be ready for a fight.

Genshin Impact The Narrows Puzzle Guide 2

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