Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Armory Best Tower Upgrades

Day 3 update: The Ambush Mine

The new Ambush Mine has been unlocked on February 12, the third day of the Theater Mechanicus mini-game/Lantern Rite event.


The Ambush Mine deals a ton of damage, eclipsing most tower types in the Theater Mechanicus. It’s also relatively cheap to build (i.e., 20 construction points at level 1).

The downside is that, once it does explode, it’s destroyed completely. That means you’ll need to build another one.

Gen Pct Tht Mch Arm Twr 2a

Running around and micromanaging Ambush Mine placements and rebuilding be a pain in the butt (especially if you’re playing solo). It’s definitely a lot more manageable if you’re doing a co-op Theater Mechanicus run.

Still, it can be effective when you’re up against multiple enemies with Cryo shields. If the Spark (Pyro) tower’s too slow to hit clustered mobs, then a single Ambush Mine can break those shields quickly.

Note: If you’re looking for more overload explosions in conjunction with the Electro tower, then the Ambush Mine’s pretty helpful in this regard. Then again, well-placed abilities from Klee and Xiangling have the same function.

Gen Pct Tht Mch Arm Twr 2b

Lastly, I’ve noticed one Mystic Art that boosts the Ambush Mine. It’ll permanently lower the HP of the foes hit by its initial explosion.

This could be viable when mobs have more health, or if a teammate chooses a “Fearless” Mystic Art that increases enemy health.

Update: Let’s talk about another new addition called the Longbow tower.

Gen Pct Tht Mch Arm Twr 2c

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