Genshin Impact Thoma Hangout Event Guide All Endings Choices

Genshin Impact Thoma Hangout Event guide – Endings #5 and #6

We’re going back to the Itinerary branching point for one of these endings.


Ending #5: A Lingering Fragrance

Breeze through the dialogue until Thoma asks you about which activities you prefer:

  • Important choice #1: “Let’s head out.”
  • Important choice #2: “Let’s hit the town.”
  • Travel to Ritou and walk with Thoma. Talk to various NPCs here, too.
  • After a little heart-to-heart, it seems that Thoma and the Traveler will start flirting. You’ll also get this particular ending.

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Ending #6: The Housekeeper’s Other Side

For this one, we’ll actually use the first branching point called Behind His Back. After overhearing the guards, Thoma will approach you:

  • Important choice #1: “Sorry, I can’t say I agree.”
  • Important choice #2: “We should tell them how much you do for the Commission.”
  • Talk to an NPC named Kiyoe. She’s standing in front of the fella who hands out bounties for Inazuma reputation.
  • Go to Inazuma City and watch the altercation here.
  • Head south of Konda Village. Rescue the merchant and escort the transport balloon.
  • Return to Inazuma City and talk to an NPC there.
  • Make your way back to Kamisato Estate and watch the scene that unfolds.
  • You’ll get The Housekeeper’s Other Side ending.

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