Genshin Impact: Thunder Sojourn event and free Beidou guide

Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn Event Guide Free Beidou Thunder Pellet Thunder Crystal

Thunder Sojourn event shop and rewards

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The currencies that you obtain from challenges can be used in the event shop.


There are two tabs, one for Thunder Pellets and another for Thunder Crystals (a currency that will only be available once Act IV begins).

Thunder Pellet tab

Reward Thunder Pellet Cost Purchase Limit
Gem fragments 30 6 (each type)
Hero’s Wit 10 30
Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 60

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Thunder Crystal tab

Reward Thunder Crystal Cost Purchase Limit
Crown of Insight 500 1
Inazuma talent booklets (blue) 20 N/A
Inazuma talent booklets (purple) 60 N/A
10,000 mora 10 N/A

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Oceanlord’s Oath

Finally, there’s a separate tab for the Thunder Sojourn’s main reward, your free Beidou. You’re going to need to amass 1,000 Thunder Pellets and 1,000 Thunder Crystals to obtain her. This would be a good time to have her join your roster. Alternatively, this could be your chance to increase her constellations.

In any case, we’ll update our Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn event guide in the coming days once additional challenges are live. Please stay tuned.

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