Genshin Impact Questioner Raven Statue Puzzle Who Was Truly Deceived

You’ll encounter several secrets now that the illusory realm of Immernachtreich has appeared in the Golden Apple Archipelago. These include the Questioner Raven Statue puzzles, where the statues with blue scarves never lie, but the ones wearing red may lie often. Here’s our Genshin Impact Questioner Raven Statue puzzle guide to help you with the riddle of “Who Was Truly Deceived?”

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Genshin Impact Questioner Raven Statue puzzle guide – Who Was Truly Deceived?

As with other Questioner Raven Statue puzzles in Genshin Impact, the hint will appear in light blue text. Once you start the activity, make sure you pay attention to what the statues are saying and what colors their scarves are. They’ll also move around as though they’re interacting with one another.

Then, before you make a choice, be sure that you have the correct statue selected, as there’s no nameplate to identify them at this point. Otherwise, you might pick the wrong answer and you’d have to replay the entire sequence again, which is definitely a waste of time.

Location: These statues will be right next to you just after you finish the main quest in Immernachtreich. Alternatively, you can use the Immernachtreich Keep fast travel point, then climb the ladder to your left.

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Dilemma: The two blue ravens are buying goods. However, it seems the red raven is trying to trick them. A second red raven is also accused of being in cahoots with the blues.

Answer: For the “Who Was Truly Deceived?” riddle in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to pick the red raven that’s closest to the Questioner statue. This will unlock the nearby chest for some loot.

Genshin Impact Questioner Raven Statue Puzzle Who Was Truly Deceived 2

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