Genshin Impact Twisted Realm Domain Of Heresy Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents Energy Amplifier Modifier Crystals Guide

One last challenge stands in your way in Genshin Impact‘s Twisted Realm. This bout involves a familiar elite enemy that you’ve fought before, the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents. However, since this is part of the Energy Amplifier Initiation event, there are modifiers that could prove to be a little problematic. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the Twisted Realm’s Domain of Heresy enemies, as well as a few tips regarding the modifiers, score, and crystals.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub. You may also check our version 1.5 overview, as well as our main guide for the Energy Amplifier Initiation event.


Genshin Impact guide: The Twisted Realm’s Domain of Heresy – The Abyss Herald, modifiers, crystals, and tips

Ley Line Disorder: Attendants

The Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents is the same elite that you encountered during Genshin Impact‘s “We Will Be Reunited” archon quest. The difference this time around is the Ley Line Disorder that allows the boss to spawn attendants. Think of these hilichurls as similar to those that you spotted in the Frost-Worn Space domain a couple of days ago. While they’re alive, they’ll provide resistance buffs and periodic healing to the Abyss Herald.

The boss tends to summon around four attendants every 30 seconds, so you better be ready to take them out. Once its health is down to a sliver, it switches to its Dark Descent phase (i.e., water shield) and it won’t spawn attendants anymore.

Genshin Impact Twisted Realm Domain Of Heresy Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents Energy Amplifier Modifier Crystals Guide 1

New modifiers for increased difficulty and scores

Below, you’ll see the modifiers for the Twisted Realm’s Domain of Heresy in Genshin Impact:

Category Modifier Score/Effect
Main Modifiers Difficulty: Easy/Normal/Hard/Expert Increases your overall score by x1/x2/x3/x5
Time Limit: 10 minutes/5 minutes/2 minutes 150/300/400
HP increase for opponents: 25%/100%/200% 150/300/400
Challenge Criteria +50% Cryo resistance (enemy) 25
+50% Physical resistance (enemy) 25
+50% ATK (enemy) 50
-15% movement speed (party) 50
-50% shield strength (party) 25
+35% increased damage for 10 seconds after sprinting (party) 25
+25% damage taken after using an elemental burst; stacks up to 4 times (partry) 25
-50% healing effectiveness (party) 25
+100% stamina consumption while sprinting (party) 50
Special Modifiers The amount of health regenerated by the Abyss Herald from each attendant is increased from 5% to 10%. 50
Each attendant also increases the Abyss Herald’s ATK by 10%. 50
The Abyss Herald unleashes Hydro shockwaves every 15 seconds. 50
One additional Cryo hilichurl archer will spawn each round as an attendant. 25

As you can see, the modifiers are designed to beef up the Abyss Herald significantly whenever attendants are around. Heck, even the extra Cryo hilichurl archer is there so it can freeze your teammates who get hit by Hydro damage.

The good news is that you won’t even need to select most of these modifiers. If you were able to obtain roughly 5,000 or more points in previous Twisted Realm challenges, then there’s a good chance that you’re close to the 20,000-point threshold. This is the highest threshold where rewards are given out. In my case, I disabled most attendant buffs as well as the Cryo resistance.

Gen Pct Twst Rl Dmhrsy 1

Crystal tips

You can use all the crystals you’ve obtained throughout the Energy Amplifier Initiation event in Genshin Impact. The following were the ones I picked for my clear:

  • Endless Waltz – I’m fine with this one since cycling bursts between characters unleashes a shockwave.
  • Ironbow and Frostbite – Ganyu was my main DPS for this encounter.
  • Timely Rain – This is another awesome crystal that ensures perma-freeze lockdown.
  • Burst Damage, Overcharge, and Iron Wall – These were just extras that’d help my party due to the setup.

Note: My party members were Ganyu, Zhongli, Venti, and Qiqi. Since Ganyu was the main DPS, both Ironbow and Frostbite ensured that she’ll have powerful buffs after eliminating a few attendants. Likewise, since she and Qiqi are Cryo characters, they’re able to freeze opponents once Timeless Rain is active. Zhongli and Venti, meanwhile, were there to support the team. Zhongli provides extra crowd control and shields, and Venti can just let the tornado group up all the attendants.

Gen Pct Twst Rl Dmhrsy 2

The Twisted Realm’s Domain of Chaos encounter – Eliminating the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents

The Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents has the same attacks and abilities as before. Depending on the modifiers you’ve selected, as well as any attendant buffs that are active, these moves can hurt a lot.

Because the attendants are hilichurl-type mobs, using effective crowd control techniques and AoE abilities ensures that they’re taken out quickly. In my case, I just moved behind the Abyss Herald to wait for the new spawns. Then, I popped Venti’s tornado and blasted them with Ganyu’s charged attack. Since I used Venti’s burst, that led to a Timeless Rain proc to coat everyone in Hydro. With additional Cryo shots, the Abyss Herald and additional attendants (a new bunch spawned every 30 seconds) were frozen quickly.

Note: If you need more crowd control capabilities, pop Zhongli’s or Ganyu’s burst to cause another Timeless Rain. Then, use Cryo to freeze everyone.

Genshin Impact Twisted Realm Domain Of Heresy Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents Energy Amplifier Modifier Crystals Guide 2a

Continue peppering the Abyss Herald until its health is depleted. Once it switches to the Dark Descent/water shield phase, the encounter becomes significantly easier. For one thing, you wouldn’t need to deal with attendants anymore. Moreover, due to turning into a Hydro entity, you can perma-freeze the Abyss Herald consistently.

Make sure to use elements that can counter Hydro (i.e., Cryo and Electro), and you should be able to defeat the boss. If you’ve reached the 20,000-point threshold, go ahead and pick up your challenge rewards. Oh, and don’t forget to grab everything from the Energy Amplifier Initiation event shop.

Genshin Impact Twisted Realm Domain Of Heresy Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents Energy Amplifier Modifier Crystals Guide 2b

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub. We also have a version 1.5 overview and our main guide for the Energy Amplifier Initiation event.

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