Genshin Impact guide: Araumi ritual, underwater teleporter, and domain

Genshin Impact Underwater Teleporter Teleport Waypoint Domain Araumi Sacred Sakura Ritual Guide

Genshin Impact: Entering the Araumi Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual area

Use the fast travel point that’s just south of the Araumi landscape.


Look north and you’ll see a ruined tower with several pedestals/totems surrounding it. The tower is also where you can find an Electroculi.

When you look inside, you’ll realize that it’s actually sealed.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Ara Gd 1b1

To open it, we’ll need to activate the four Electro totems in the area. You might need to fight a few Ruin Sentinels that are roaming around.

When you’re done, step on the plate to remove the first seal.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Ara Gd 1c

Drop down below and you’ll see that there’s a second seal. However, there are also three Earth Kitsune Statues here (little fox statues with a bluish glow).

If you already have the Memento Lens, use it to reveal three switches. Press all three and the seal will open. You’ll fall down a large chamber where you can do the ritual. Let’s talk about this in the next part of our Genshin Impact Araumi Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual guide.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Ara Gd 1d

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