Genshin Impact version 1.2

Genshin Impact was one of the surprise smash hits of 2020, and for good reason. Despite being a completely free-to-play game, it looked gorgeous and played like a full price AAA open world action RPG. While there was some controversy over its gacha mechanics, Genshin Impact is considered as one of the best releases of this year. Therefore it’s exciting to learn that MiHoYo, the development team behind the game, announced what its next big plans for the game are via a brand new trailer on its official YouTube page. The first ever map expansion for Genshin Impact will arrive with version 1.2, which contains the Dragonspine region.

Dragonspine is a mountainous area with a polar climate, located south of the game’s main hub city of Mondstadt. This area will contain everything that a map expansion should with new enemies to fight, loot to find, and quests to complete. The main crux of the area’s story revolves around a legendary weapon called the The Festering Desire sword. Players will go on a quest to acquire this weapon and unleash its full power.


In addition to that, a new environmental factor is being added with the Sheer Cold bar. While exploring Dragonspine, this meter will increase to indicate that your character is getting colder. Players must use items and other means to stay warm, which will affect how players explore the region. Of course there will also be new characters added with this update. Two new five star characters will join the game’s roster. The first character is Albedo, an alchemist and Knight of Favonius that wields Geo powers. The second is an archer named Ganyu that uses cryo power.

Baby it’s cold outside…

Albedo will join your party in the region’s main story quest, and it is safe to assume that Ganyu will appear as a wish in an upcoming banner. The Genshin Impact version 1.2 update drops in less than two weeks. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, December 23. You can download the game for free from its website and don’t forget to visit our Genshin Impact guide hub to make the most of your journey in Teyvat.

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