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With a new Genshin Impact livestream comes an announcement for a new patch, and that’s just what Genshin fans received today. A huge patch is incoming, with tons of new events, characters, and ways to lose all your hard-earned Primogems. For the first time ever, Genshin Impact is receiving a double-character banner in Version 2.3, which will release on November 24. It will include former featured characters Albedo and Eula, who you are available to summon at the same time. Sweet dreams, my leather wallet.

For the first three weeks of Version 2.3, a special rerun banner will feature both Albedo and Eula for summoning. You can choose to pull for either character, and banner pity will share between the two characters. The arrival of this banner aligns with a new event that features the two characters prominently. The trailer shows Albedo taking a turn for the dark, and Eula standing by your side as you deal with Albedo’s mini rampage. Fancy!


A new version is coming

We aren’t just getting a re-run next patch, though. Arataki Itto and Gorou have already been announced as upcoming playable characters, and they’ll be featured on their own banner. You can summon the two Geo dads if you aren’t feeling Albedo and Eula. Itto seems to have a prominent role in the upcoming story, stirring up some trouble back in the misty dungeons. Itto will be a main DPS character, while Gorou is a support designed to help out other Geo characters specifically.

We’re also getting some new artifact sets, one designed for Geo characters and another for healers. We’re also getting a new hangout series with Beidou, some new weapons, and a new Marvelous Merchandise event. The future looks jam-packed with content, so keep your eyes out for November 24 when Genshin Impact Version 2.3 will officially release. You can check out the trailer below for a more in-depth look, and don’t forget to grab the codes for your free Primogems.

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