Genshin Impact Violetgrass Farming Locations Guide

Southern area

Let’s talk about the Violetgrass locations in the southern portion of Liyue.


You can see a map of these locations below:

Gen Pct Vgrs Frm Feat 3

(1) Cuijue Slope

There are four nodes on this hill.

Gen Pct Vgrs Frm 1

(2) Guyun Stone Forest

The plants are next to the teleport waypoint.

Gen Pct Vgrs Frm 4

(3) Lingju Pass

There are over half a dozen Violetgrass nodes here. Loop around crags, temple area, and valley to find them all.

Gen Pct Vgrs Frm 2

(4) Domain of the Wayward Path

The cliffside above the domain itself has these plants.

Gen Pct Vgrs Frm 3

(5) Liyue Harbor – Bubu Pharmacy

Head to the large building in Liyue Harbor where you originally met Qiqi. This is Bubu Pharmacy and the vendor here sells five Violetgrass every 48 hours in Genshin Impact.

Gen Pct Vgrs Frm 5

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