Genshin Impact: Wanderer Scaramouche best team comps guide

Genshin Impact Wanderer Scaramouche Best Team Comps Guide
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The Wanderer Scaramouche can be a viable member of your squad Genshin Impact. With his Anemo abilities, he’ll viciously slice your foes without a second thought. However, you still need to think of the other pals that will join him. Here’s our Genshin Impact Wanderer Scaramouche best team comps guide to help you with the ideal characters that mesh well with his playstyle and mechanics.

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Genshin Impact Wanderer Scaramouche best team comps

The best team comps for Wanderer Scaramouche in Genshin Impact tend to be determined by a few things:

  • Elemental skill, hover attacks, and lack of interrupt resistance – Wanderer’s elemental skill lets him hover in mid-air, and his normal and charged attacks gain increased speed and damage. The problem is that he doesn’t have any interrupt resistance. As such, a single unlucky hit, even those that travel along the ground, can caused him to get knocked down. This will end your sequence prematurely, and you’d have no choice but to re-pop your skill when you have it. As such, the most important teammate you can have with you is someone who can provide a shield. Alternatively, you’d go with permafreeze comps. Of course, you could just be a pro at dodging, too.
  • Hyper carry main DPS – Wanderer is a main DPS character. Due to how his abilities work, he’s expected to stay on the field for prolonged periods. This means you can’t bring other main DPS characters with you, unless they end up switching to a sub-DPS/off-field role.
  • Passive talent – One of Wanderer’s passive talents give a bonus buff when his elemental skill comes into contact with another element:
    • Hydro – Increased hovering stamina.
    • Pyro – +30% ATK.
    • Cryo – +20% crit rate.
    • Electro – +0.8 energy restored when normal and charged attacks hit enemies.
  • The two best artifact sets for Wanderer Scaramouche are Desert Pavilion Chronicle (DPC) and Memory of Dust (MOD). The former grants a huge DPS increase to normal and charged attacks. The latter, meanwhile, provides a hefty bonus if you’re shielded. Because of this, you’re better off giving Viridescent Venerer (VV) to a support character so enemies can get their Anemo resistance shredded.
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The old Morgana and freeze comps usually meant having Cryo and Hydro characters to crowd control enemies, and an Anemo to help group them together. Now, though, you’re going to make the Anemo fella the main DPS. Also, if your skill comes into contact with a Cryo character’s effect, then Scaramouche will receive +20% crit rate, too.

  • Cryo: Ganyu (skill and burst) or Diona (healing and shields).
  • Hydro: Mona (sub-DPS), Xingqiu (sub-DPS), or Kokomi (healing).
  • Flex: Either go with another Cryo/Hydro character, or bring an Anemo character.


Taser tends to be one of the best team comps for Wanderer Scaramouche in Genshin Impact, what with its use of the Electro-charged reaction (i.e., Electro + Hydro), and the extra Swirl from Anemo.

  • Electro: Beidou (shields), Fischl (sub-DPS), or Kuki Shinobu (healing).
  • Hydro: Xingqiu (sub-DPS).
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Flex/Make Your Own

The thing is, Scaramouche is flexible enough in most situations (save for Dendro-focused squads). As such, you can try your own setups to see what works as you build your team around him. Here’s one example:

  • Zhongli – Shields and resistance shred.
  • Thoma – Shields and damage procs from his burst when Wanderer spams normal attacks.
  • Bennett – Attack boost from the burst, attack boost from the passive, and healing. His burst AoE will affect Scaramouche even while he’s hovering.
  • Venti/Kazuha – Grouping/clustering enemies, extra Swirls, and VV shred.
  • Faruzan – Has the same role as Venti and Kazuha, with an extra boost to Anemo damage. Still, I won’t rely on her capabilities on their own, as it’s better to have the boost in conjunction with Bennett’s.

Note 1: Even the National Team (i.e., Bennett, Xiangling, and Xingqiu) should work well with Wanderer doing the heavy lifting.

Note 2: As mentioned earlier, you should really avoid bringing the selfish DPS characters (i.e., Xiao, Childe, Eula, Razor, and charged shot-spamming Ganyu). Since Wanderer stays on the field while hovering and blasting foes with his attacks, you don’t want to swap to someone else while you’re doing your entire sequence.

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