Genshin Impact: Whitenight and Evernight puzzles

Genshin Impact Whitenight Evernight

Whitenight and Evernight puzzles are what you’ll be doing in the Enkanomiya zone in Genshin Impact. Though the mechanics are fairly simple, the zone is fairly new and there are lots of activities. Here’s our Genshin Impact Enkanomiya guide to help you with the Whitenight and Evernight puzzle mechanics.

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Genshin Impact: Enkanomiya guide – Whitenight and Evernight puzzles

You’ll first encounter the Whitenight and Evernight puzzle mechanics in Genshin Impact once you reach the Dainichi Mikoshi area in Enkanomiya. This happens after you’ve acquired the Golden Bridle for Enjou, whereupon you’re tasked with heading to the central landmass

Once you interact with the device, an entity named Aru will appear. He’ll tell you that Enkanomiya is littered with these kinds of devices, turning night into day and vice versa. Doing so changes how you can reach particular locations or solve puzzles.

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Triangular Mechanisms

Certain Triangular Mechanisms, such as the one that you saw in front of the library where Enjou was, can be activated upon dealing damage. However, there are some that looked destroyed. If there’s a switch nearby, you can change to Evernight to reveal a fully constructed Triangular Mechanism. These objects can then be used to move or rotate walls.

Genshin Impact Whitenight Evernight 1

Daises of Day and Night

Similar to the above, Daises of Day and Night are also switches that are part of puzzles. Depending on the cycle, the cube could be active, letting you do activate it normally.

Genshin Impact Whitenight Evernight 2

Sunfire Phantasms

While exploring the Enkanomiya zone in Genshin Impact, you might see odd glows or sparkles in an area. These are known as Sunfire Phantasms. If you switch between Whitenight and Evernight, these secrets could be revealed.

For instance, there are sparkles next to a chest underneath the central fast travel point in Dainichi Mikoshi. If you swap to Evernight, you’ll notice that these are Pyro torches. Activating them leads to a passage where you’ll meet the shade of Aberaku. He’ll give you the Hyperion’s Dirge world quest.

Note: Ghostly shades like Aru will only appear when it’s Evernight in Enkanomiya.

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Places of Essence Worship

These look like small trees with either a golden (Whitenight) or bluish (Evernight) glow. Interacting with them lets you use contraptions as though that particular time of day is active.

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Shield-Light Barriers

Lastly, there are spots protected by light barriers. Switching to the opposite glow will make them disappear (i.e., swapping to Evernight to make the golden barriers dissipate).

Enkanomiya’s Whitenight and Evernight puzzles

In any case, you can put these lessons to good use to solve the Enkanomiya Whitenight and Evernight puzzles in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Whitenight Evernight 3

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