Genshin Impact Wishful Drops Event Rhodeia's Rage Challenge Endora Guide

Many Genshin Impact players would agree that the Oceanid elite boss is the most annoying one in the game. So, what if there’s an event that revolves around fighting it and its summoned creatures? Well, that’s exactly what you can expect thanks to a new event and challenge. Here’s our guide to help you with Genshin Impact‘s Wishful Drops event, the Rhodeia’s Rage challenge, and the creature known as Endora.

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Genshin Impact guide: Wishful Drops event, Rhodeia’s Rage challenge, and Endora

To start the Wishful Drops event in Genshin Impact, you’ll first need to reach Adventure Rank 20. Then, you’ll have to do a quest called “Life Flows On (I).” It entails talking to various NPCs such as Katheryne in Mondstadt and some dude in Dawn Winery. You’ll eventually meet a water creature known as Endora. You’ll bring her to Springvale and you should then be able to use her as a gadget.

Next, open the Wishful Drops event panel and click on “Endora’s Education.” If you click on the icon, you’ll see a marked location on the map. There are five exploration areas in Genshin Impact‘s Wishful Drops event, but only one is available today.

Gen Pct Wshdrp Rhd Ev 1

The basics of exploration areas

Head to the “Sunlit Mountainside” location that’s north of Stone Gate and southwest of Dawn Winery. You’ll find several water creatures here (the same beings spawned by Rhodeia the Oceanid).

Equip Endora as a gadget and activate her (default “Z”). Your character’s elemental skill will be replaced with Endora’s bubble ability. Think of it as akin to Amber throwing Baron Bunny around. You can hold “E” to increase the throwing range, too.

Endora’s bubble will then trap these entities. Your goal is to catch several water illusions (roughly 15 since each creature adds 7% to your progress bar).

Gen Pct Wshdrp Rhd Ev 2

After you’ve reached 100%, head to the marked spot to talk to Endora. This will complete that particular exploration.

You’ll receive 60x primogems, 30,000 mora, and 1x Heart of the Spring.

Note: It seems that completing all five exploration areas in the coming days will unlock a new quest called “Life Flows On (II)” and, subsequently, Endora as a permanent gadget in Genshin Impact.

Gen Pct Wshdrp Rhd Ev 3

Heart of the Spring and the Rhodeia’s Rage challenge

So, what exactly do you do with the Heart of the Spring? Well, you can make your way to the spot where you normally fight the Oceanid elite. You’ll see a pillar that you can activate to start the Rhodeia’s Rage challenge.

The Rhodeia’s Rage challenge in Genshin Impact is quite different from the regular Oceanid/Rhodeia fight. Instead of just taking out the water illusions that she summons, you’ll be attacking her directly. Likewise, you can do this solo or via co-op (the challenge itself is akin to a special encounter that can’t be paused).

Note: Some characters will also have +30% Hydro resistance and energy recharge. Examples include Ganyu, Rosaria, and Hu Tao. I personally suggest using Ganyu if you have her due to her aimed shots and AoE Cryo blooms.

Genshin Impact Wishful Drops Event Rhodeia's Rage Challenge Endora Guide 1

For the first part of the encounter, Rhodeia will have attacks like a forward lunge, a high-impact drop, and a water bomb that’ll chase you. She’ll also summon a few water illusion mobs that you can destroy to deplete her health.

Once you’ve dropped her health significantly, she’ll switch to the next phase. She’ll continue summoning hostiles while gaining a couple of new abilities:

  • Water Torrents – These are circles that appear on the ground to damage you.
  • Spinning Bomb – Rhodeia will spin around and drop on the floor to deal a massive AoE blast.
  • Fitful Rapids – Rhodeia will fire a continuous stream of water on the ground. You can avoid this by looking for a marked spot that’ll raise you higher in the air (sort of like a Hydro version of Albedo’s flower elevator).

Anyway, once you’ve defeated Rhodeia, you can collect your rewards (i.e., Hero’s Wit and other EXP booklets). Collection requires 40x resin or 1x Heart of the Spring which you’ll obtain from the Wishful Drops explorations in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Wishful Drops Event Rhodeia's Rage Challenge Endora Guide 2

Update: What happens after I finish exploring all locations?

Assuming you’ve checked out all the Wishful Drop locations and you’ve obtained the rewards, you’ll get a quest called “Life Flows On (II).” The objective here is to complete one Rhodeia’s Rage challenge (previous attempts don’t count).

After beating the Rhodeia the Oceanid, talk to Endora. Then, you’ll need to speak with some NPCs in Springvale and Dawn Winery. Once you’ve done that, you’ll complete the quest and Endora will become a permanent gadget. Think of her as akin to the Mini Seelies from the Lost Riches event. She’ll just float around wherever you go.

Genshin Impact Wishful Drops Event Rhodeia's Rage Challenge Endora Guide Quest Fin

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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