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Genshin Impact: The best weapon for Yoimiya

Let’s talk about the best weapons that can be used by Yoimiya in Genshin Impact.


Thundering Pulse (crit damage) – Among the weapon picks for Yoimiya in Genshin Impact, the expected frontrunner is the Thundering Pulse. This 5-star bow will be featured in an Epitome Invocation banner that coincides with Yoimiya’s release. It’s considered the best 5-star weapon for Yoimiya not just because of the crit damage sub-stat, but also because of a +20% ATK increase and the Thunder Emblem perk.

The perk is somewhat similar to what you’d see in the Mistsplitter Reforged, the best-in-slot (BIS) sword for Ayaka. The weapon gains Thunder Emblem stacks when Yoimiya’s normal attack deals damage, when she casts her elemental skill, and when her energy is less than 100%. In turn, these Thunder Emblem stacks/levels increase her normal attack damage by 12/24/40%. Because Yoimiya deals tremendous damage via her Pyro-infused normal attacks (while her elemental skill is active), you’ll definitely want to have these stacks as often as possible.

Amos Bow (ATK%) – An okay substitute (if you already have it) is the 5-star Amos Bow. Its “Strong-Willed” perk increases normal and charged attack damage by 12%. After a normal/charged attack fires an arrow, the damage is increased by 8% for every 0.1 seconds that the projectile is in the air. This stacks up to five times.

Mind you, the Amos Bow is considered the BIS weapon for Ganyu. Because Ganyu’s charged shot blooms still count as if the arrow is still traveling in mid-air, she’ll often proc the boosted damage effect. If you don’t have Ganyu, then this weapon could be used by Yoimiya, though I doubt she’d benefit as much if you’re quick-firing her normal attack shots. Perhaps you’ll proc it more often from her level 2 homing charged shot.

Note: As usual, I’d warn players about chasing 5-star weapons. They can be very expensive to acquire even with the new Epitomized Path mechanic.

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Rust (ATK%) – Among the 4-star choices, Rust remains a viable weapon for Yoimiya because of the “Rapid Firing” perk. It increases your normal attack damage by a whopping 40% at its default refinement rank. Although it decreases your charged attack damage by 10%, this is negligible especially if you won’t use charged shots often as Yoimiya. However, do take note that this bow is one of the better picks for Childe/Tartaglia already.

Blackcliff Warbow (crit damage) – The Blackcliff Warbow from Paimon’s Shop is a good option due to the stacking ATK% increase. But, this will be entirely dependent on how fast you can clear enemies, and Yoimiya’s kit is primarily geared for single-target DPS. Only her burst and charged shots (without her elemental skill active) will hit multiple mobs.

Windblume Ode (elemental mastery) – Elemental mastery isn’t a stat that Yoimiya should prioritize. However, if you don’t have other options, then you can try the Windblume Ode. It’s the main reward from the Windblume Festival event (though it’s ideal for someone like Fischl). The bow gives a temporary ATK increase for six seconds after using an elemental skill (which complements Yoimiya’s kit).

Alley Hunter (ATK%) – Alley Hunter is a good choice, at least on paper, for a sub-DPS Yoimiya. The “Oppidan Ambush” perk will increase her damage by up to 20% whenever she’s not on the field (it’ll decrease gradually if she’s on the field for more than four seconds). A sub-DPS Yoimiya will cast her burst to empower the attacks of other characters in the party, making their abilities cause explosions. She’ll then return to the field to shoot a few fire arrows to regenerate her burst before getting swapped out again.

Hamayumi (ATK%) – Lastly, if you want to opt for a 4-star, purely free-to-play (F2P) option, then you can’t go wrong with the Hamayumi. The Hamayumi is a reward from Takashi’s treasure chests (you simply exchange three Mysterious Conches every daily reset until you get the blueprint). Then, you can learn the blueprint so you can craft the bow via the blacksmith.

What makes the Hamayumi good is its “Full Draw” perk whereby normal and charged attack damage get increased by 16% and 12% respectively. If Yoimiya’s energy is 100%, then the effects are doubled (32% and 24% respectively). In essence, you can turn Yoimiya into a main DPS character who primarily casts her elemental skill for Pyro-infused shots (i.e., her normal attack). Then again, you’ll avoid using her elemental burst if you wish to keep the extra 100% boost.

All right, let’s move on to the next part of our Genshin Impact Yoimiya guide where we’ll discuss the best artifact sets for her.

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