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Kazari’s goodbye and the Hakushin Ring catalyst

When the Miasmic Tumor boss has been defeated, Kazari will arrive to thank you for your help.


She finally admits the truth about her identity, that she’s the embodiment of the kitsune spirit in Inazuma and is in charge of cleansing the corruption in the land. Because of your efforts, she can finally say goodbye since her work is done.

She’ll disappear into a cloud of cherry blossoms as you watch the trees and plants grow in this place that was once decaying.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Fin Gd 1

After the cutscene, take a look around you. You’ll see several Electro Crystalflies which you might want to farm if you’re in need of Crystal Cores.

Even better, you’ll spot several Sakura Bloom nodes (roughly half a dozen). I’m unable to test it yet, but I’m hoping that these nodes respawn so as to speed up Ayaka’s ascension.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Fin Gd 2

Likewise, don’t forget to pick up the Mask of Memories that Kazari dropped. This will complete the entire Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest chain, and you’ll also be rewarded with 50x primogems, 5x hero’s wit, and 50,000x mora.

Next, check the precious items tab in your inventory and learn the recipe. This will allow you to craft the Hakushin Ring catalyst. The Hakushin Ring requires 1x Northlander Catalyst Billet, 50x Amethyst Lump, and 50x White Iron Chunk.

It has energy recharge for a sub-stat and the “Sakura Saiguu” perk. When the character triggers an Electro-based reaction, party members who were involved in triggering that reaction will receive a 10% elemental damage bonus for their particular type. This particular buff doesn’t stack. Basically, if someone like Lisa has this equipped and she triggers Overload with, say, Diluc, then they’ll both receive a 10% elemental damage bonus. Lisa gains a buff for Electro and Diluc gains a buff for Pyro.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Fin Gd 3

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