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Genshin Impact: Zhongli character summary

We’ve discussed Zhongli’s weapons, artifacts, and talents in-depth already, but is he actually viable in your Genshin Impact comps?


Well, he definitely is. While it’s true that it’s harder to make use of Zhongli as a main DPS-type character, he outshines many others if he’s in a supporting or nuker role. This is all thanks to his Planet Befall meteor and its synergy with his HP. The more you increase Zhongli’s HP, the more damage his burst/ult deals. This is what makes the HP% stat a true blessing. Higher HP also adds to the absorption capabilities of the Jade Shield from Stone Steeles. However, to be fair, Albedo is more reliable when trying to generate shields.

In any case, Zhongli’s Planet Befall petrification is actually one of the best crowd control (CC) abilities in the game. Just compare this to Venti whose tornado can only pull smaller enemies, or a perma-freeze comp (i.e., Ganyu and Tartaglia) that requires a couple of characters. In Zhongli’s case, the meteor can petrify even larger enemies for several seconds. It’ll make tough encounters, such as the Geovishap bouts in the Spiral Abyss or Twisted Realm, quite a breeze.

Zhongli is also best paired with a Geo main DPS character like Ningguang. The two can act as each other’s “Geo battery,” creating particles that can be used to charge bursts. Ningguang routinely fires her shards, and Zhongli swaps in to cast that meteor.

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