Get DiRT Rally, GRID 2, F1 2017, and more together for under $12 – Humble Bundle

Get DiRT Rally, GRID 2, F1 2017, and more together for under $12 – Humble Bundle

Humble has returned with another sweet bundle, allowing you to pick up a few cool titles together for an incredibly cheap price.

The bundle in question this time is the ‘Humble Sports Bundle’. It includes various sports titles spanning different genres. You can pay what you want ($1 or more), and this will allow give you access to different tiers of games, the highest being $12 which will get you all the titles plus F1 2017. If you’re like me and want to save funds though, just paying a $1 will nab you GRID 2SEGA Bass Fishing, and Eastside Hockey Manager. Not a bad deal!

This Humble Bundle will be active for 13 more days (as of the time of writing). If you want to save on more sports-oriented titles, specifically racers, check out the Codemasters sale that’s currently going on in the Humble Store.

Keep in mind you’ll need a Steam account to activate the product keys of these titles.

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