April 7th, 2017

Get to know XCOM: Enemy Unknown in free Steam weekend

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (10)
Even he can’t believe it.

Oo-err, it’s another one of those big weekend-long Steam sales – and this week’s one is a whole host of 2K Games games, kicked off with XCOM: Enemy Unknown at 75% off. It looks like that price is just for today, but it’s a bit hard to be sure.

Better, though, is the news that you can play it for free until Sunday. If you’re unsure whether you really want to buy one of the most tense and exciting turn-based strategy games in years, then hey, now you can find out for free. The expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within, just became available to pre-order too. Probably not a coincidence, that.

The rest of the 2K Games catalogue is reduced in price by up to 50%, but I’d recommend holding off until the final day of the sale before buying anything – there’ll be new daily deals from the 2K catalogue each day which will reduce the price further, so if you’re after Civilization V or Borderlands 2, there’s a fair chance they’ll have been even cheaper than their current price by the time the sale ends.

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