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Overwatch was a tremendously popular multiplayer shooter, and the same can be said of Overwatch 2 (so far). Fans of the franchise can’t seem to get enough of its events, solid core gameplay, variety of modes, and heroes. Overwatch 2 lets players go wild with plenty of customization options for their characters. But players can also spruce up their own profiles with fun Player Icons. Here’s how to get Player Icons in Overwatch 2.

A Player Icon is an image that you and other players can see next to your profile name in menus and during matches. It lets players distinguish themselves from others with an image that might represent their favorite hero, some humor, or just a general sense of personality. Players familiar with Overwatch 2 will know that there are many Player Icons to unlock, and here is how you can get your hands on them.

Unlocking player icons in Overwatch 2

Obtaining new Player Icons in Overwatch 2 is done through two main methods. The first of these is to progress through the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass. Whether you are leveling up the free Battle Pass or the Premium Battle Pass, you should eventually unlock some new Player Icons to show off on your profile. For example, the Season 1 Battle Pass lets players unlock the ‘Cybermari’ Player Icon when they reached level 2. It’s worth noting that original Overwatch players will have all the Player Icons they unlocked in that game carry over into Overwatch 2.

The second method to unlocking Player Icons is to complete challenges. These lifetime challenges task players with reaching certain conditions or milestones through gameplay. An example of this is the ‘Born to Rule’ challenge which rewards players with the ‘Junker Queen’ Player Icon.

To equip or change a Player Icon, navigate to ‘Options’ in the main menu. Then click on ‘Career Profile,’ followed by ‘Customization.’ After this, simply chose the desired Player Icon you wish to equip.

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