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The Big Update for Dota Underlords was, as its name implies, rather large. It brought a lot of new content and mechanics, and one of these was Duos. In the latest update, Underlords has introduced a more competitive version of the co-op mode: Ranked Duos matchmaking.

Dota Underlords‘ Duos lets you join with a partner in crime and take on seven other gangs. Each round will see you battling solo against one member of another Duo. However, you and your partner live and die together, sharing health and levels. So, dividing up your gold and sharing Heroes is key to your survival.

Teamwork makes the underworld dream work

Dota Underlords Update Patchnotes Duos Ranked Matchmaking

When you play a Duos match with a friend, it will now create a Duos team. You will be able to track the number of matches played and the performance of your team, as well as all your other teams. After playing three matches with a team, you’ll face the real challenge of Dota Underlords Duos: choosing a name for your team. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself for this. You’ll be able to change the team name every three games you play with that team.

With Dota Underlords Ranked Duos, each of your teams has its own rank. However, your progress in Ranked Duos will also contribute to your solo rank, up to Big Boss level. Big Boss is the highest rank, but there are five tiers within it. So, even though you might be a Big Boss, you’re not necessarily the biggest Big Boss.

The latest update’s final introduction to the Duos landscape is adding bot partners to Casual Duos. When your friends are all offline, you can now join forces with a bot. Your bot buddy is smart and will use team chat to request units from you to help complete Alliances. Bot buddy is also generous and will respond to your team chat requests for units.

Valve has made significant changes to the two Underlords over the past few weeks, but it finally seems satisfied with the way they are playing. As such, there are only minor tweaks to them this week. There are also a ton of minor changes to Heroes and Alliances, but nothing that should completely change the meta.

You can check out all the patch notes on the Dota Underlords update page. And you can pick up the game for free on PC via Steam.

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