Ed Key and David Kanaga’s Proteus will be coming your way on 30 January, according to a big date written in the snow at the game’s website. Ok, there’s actually a bit more to it than just a date in the snow. We haven’t quite fallen to the level of taking news tips from meteorological happenstance just yet.

“The current beta release is still available here for $7.50 until the 30th of January when the price will switch to $9.99 both on this site and on Steam. All existing and future purchasers will get a Steam key and the version on the Humble Store will remain DRM free,” says Mr. Key.

Proteus is … not the easiest game to explain. You walk around in an explorable landscape, generating a procedural soundtrack to your adventures. There’s nothing to shoot, but (by the looks of it) plenty to admire and cast your gaze over.

This is an older beta video, but it should give you a reasonable idea of what sort of thing to expect.

Peter Parrish

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