Getting Cross: New Cursed Crusade Video

Atlus has put together a new set of moving images depicting activities in The Cursed Crusade, a hackin’ and piercin’ game due on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC sometime this summer.
It looks fairly decent at this stage. I like that the various weapon swings seem to have weight to them, so nobody is bounding around the place doing acrobatics in chainmail – it seems more of an armoured war of attrition (which it should be.) Not that the developers are going for anything approaching historical accuracy; after all, near the end of the video our hero turns into a demon of some sort.
Anyway, if Kylotonn can nail down some solid fighting mechanics this could be one to watch out for. Online co-op is supposedly going to be included too, though there’s no mention of offline co-op at the moment.

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