Ghost Recon Breakpoint accessibility features offer full control remapping

The Oct. 4 release date for Ghost Recon Breakpoint is fast approaching. Soon, players will dive headlong into the fictional island of Aurora. Taking control of Anthony “Nomad” Perryman, players will face off against former Ghosts. The rogue group, known as the “Wolves,” have commandeered the island and the military contractor that is stationed there. As it turns out, players will have the ability to fully remap the game’s controls on launch day. This bit of news comes with a few other accessibility features, including a detailed colorblind mode. This means lots of customization for taking on the Wolves in Ubisoft’s upcoming tactical shooter.

Breakpoint’s accessibility features also include HUD customization

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will allow players on all platforms to fully remap the control scheme. This even includes full controller remapping, which means analog stick clicks and stick direction are also customizable. The control schemes will feature multiple button-presses as well. In other words, players will be able to experiment with “tap,” “hold,” and “double-click.” PC players will additionally be able to experiment with multiple input devices. For those who wish to, this means using a combination of controller and keyboard settings.

The HUD customization will allow players to resize the HUD. Players can also choose to add and remove certain HUD options. For those who wish to make the HUD more visible, the game will offer the ability to add a background to the HUD.

Colorblind options include customization for different types of colorblindness. These include deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia. Players can adjust the contrast level for each. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will also feature Tobii eye tracking, allowing players to browse the menu using their eyes. Eye tracking is available for the in-game item wheel too.

Also notable is text-to-voice, as well as voice-to-text. This means when communicating with other players, the game will have an option for all “texts” to be read aloud. Similarly, players will be able to utilize voice-to-text, so you can speak and have your message sent to the in-game chat.

For a full list of accessibility features, have a look at Ubisoft’s official notes.

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