Ubisoft has released the first gameplay trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (well, sort of, some gameplay footage was released from E3 too). In it, there is indeed a fair bit of future soldier-ing, in the form of cloaking devices (uh, sure, why not) and magical bits of kit that help you see through walls like Batman.
The trailer is a bit all-action for a title that’s billing itself as a ‘smart’ third-person shooter, but then that’s the nature of advertising. It also has a pretty unpleasant ‘by any means necessary’ message to it, which I guess is an acceptable approach to armed conflicts if you’re a fan of war crimes.
For a slightly more nuanced look at the game, it’d be an idea to read the IncGamers interview with associate producer, Yann Suquet or John’s preview of the title.
Image is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier concept art, not an in-game shot.

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