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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective remaster gets a late June release date

Back from the brink of death.

About a month ago, Capcom revealed during the most recent Nintendo Direct that the excellent 2011 Nintendo DS game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will receive an HD remaster this summer. For fans of this unique mystery game, including myself, this stood as easily one of the most pleasant surprises of the direct. And fortunately, Capcom already had more news to share on the remaster during the recent Capcom Spotlight. Specifically, Capcom put out an official release date of June 30 for Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective‘s rerelease. Additionally, the company treated fans to a lengthy new trailer that explores the remaster’s features in more depth.

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Aside from the sharpened visual aesthetic, the Ghost Trick remaster comes with an enhanced framerate as well as a new user interface. It also boasts the Challenges feature, which contains a new set of conditions for players to fulfill to unlock artwork and music tracks. Speaking of music tracks, the remaster has new rearranged versions of the game’s music and even some entirely new tracks, although fortunately, it does include the original songs for those looking for a more authentic experience. Finally, the remaster incorporates the slider puzzles that Capcom introduced in the now-unavailable iOS port of the game.

What is Ghost Trick all about?

Made by the same director behind the Phoenix Wright series, Ghost Trick tasks players with controlling a ghost to possess and manipulate objects. Doing so will let players avert the deaths of various victims as long as they can make sense of the game’s environmental puzzles. Additionally, Ghost Trick rewards players who stick with it with easily one of the most engaging and airtight stories in all of gaming. That may sound like a bold claim, but those who know, know.

With the release of the Ghost Trick remaster coming in over three months, more players can hopefully experience a game that unfortunately went under the radar back when it came out. Of course, this assumes that the remaster comes without any major bugs or issues, which Capcom historically has been able to deliver on fairly consistently with its rereleases.

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