Ghostrunner expansion Project_Hel

Ghostrunner has been a big hit for publisher 505 Games since its launch in October of 2020. Although DLC for the game has pop up here and there, fans have eagerly awaited the game’s paid expansion, Project_Hel. While it was set to launch in about a week, the Ghostrunner official Twitter account announced today that the Project_Hel DLC has been delayed to work on additional quality, as well as to help make things safe for the team due to the pandemic. While this is no doubt going to be disappointing for anyone looking forward to more cyber ninja shenanigans this month, a polished product is always better in the end.

Project_Hel will now launch on March 3, giving the devs over a month of time to add some more polish to the enterprise. Hopefully, the extra time will be more than enough to make for an expansion that everybody is happy with. If you’re not sure what to expect from this DLC, it will let you play as one of the main game’s bosses. While the original protagonist could only take a single hit before expiring, Hel can take two. The campaign will include six levels where she slices her way through foes while going down Dharma Tower.


Oh, Hel no

Hel will also have her own ability progression system. Plus, players can expect to fight new enemies and hear six new music tracks while cutting said foes to ribbons. Ghostrunner, of course, is akin to a first-person Hotline Miami, and tasks players with carefully avoiding enemy attacks. The player character, Jack, dies in one hit, but so do the enemies. Of course, there’s also a ton of first-person platforming, which certainly helped to give the game more of a unique feel, as Jack frantically wall runs and makes tricky jumps.

The Ghostrunner DLC Project_Hel has been delayed until March 3, but we’ll bring more information to you when we hear it. So stay tuned.

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