Ghosts of The Deep Dungeon guide

Ghosts of The Deep dungeon guide for Destiny 2

Don't forget to take a dep breath.

Who likes water levels? Not me, that’s for sure. The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time is up there with some of my all-time hardest rage quits. Nevertheless, Destiny 2 has introduced a whole load of underwater hijinks in the Season of The Deep. This Ghost of The Deep dungeon guide for Destiny 2 will hopefully take away some of the agitation and angst that comes with only being able to move at a snail’s pace and constantly running out of breath. Figuring out this guide had me almost breathless also, so enjoy.

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Ghosts of The Deep Dungeon Guide

To begin this dungeon, it is first necessary to pay a visit to Hawthorne in the Tower. She will give you the quest to begin the dungeon. Once you have picked up the Ghost of The Deep quest, you should find it playable in the H.E.L.M.

Disrupt the Hive ritual

To open the door to the mission’s next stage, you must disrupt a hive ritual. This takes some coming and going but is relatively simple. I recommend getting around on your sparrow to save time, as a number of the processes are timed.

Ghosts of The Deep Dungeon guide

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Green mist

Kill the two hive near the door. This will trigger a Soulfire Binder Ogre, which you need to dispatch. Once he is dead, you should notice some green mist on the floor accompanied by the words, “The way forward is revealed.” Follow the fog until you reach a place with a floating rune in the sky. Take note of this rune as you kill the hive finishing up with a few more Soulfire Binders. Once you kill these, more green mist will lead you to the following location with the same rune. Repeat this four times.

Imbued with light

The final location will have a Lightbearer. Kill this and destroy its ghost. Whoever destroys the Ghost becomes imbued with light, and a Wizard appears back at the door. Make your way back as quickly as possible and kill the Wizard.

Once the Wizard is dead, it is possible to activate an illusion on the floor. Anyone can do this. Once that has been activated, the player who is imbued with light must approach the plinth with the corresponding symbol from the hive locations and activate it.

This process must be successfully completed four times before a chest is awarded, the door opens, and it’s time to move on to the next stage of the Ghosts of The Deep guide.

Ecthar, the Shield of Savathun

Before you reach this point, you will have had to navigate the underwater levels of the game. This takes patience, skill, and teamwork, as the air bubbles can only be used by one person. So just keep heading down, and look out for the updraft fans.

This boss is no cakewalk, and I recommend organizing your team in this section of the guide. You will need some crowd-clearing weapons and a lot of airborne effectiveness. I used Well of Radiance on my Warlock for the added damage boost at the attack stage.

Ghosts of The Deep Dungeon guide

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Keep of The Deep

Start the boss fight by killing the worshiping hive at the altar. This will immediately spawn the boss of this section of Ghosts of The Deep, along with three Blistered Knights and a whole bunch of adds. Kill the Blistered Knights to spawn a Keeper of The Deep Ogre. Again, kill this ogre to reveal an illusion that must be activated by any one of the players.


This will activate Deepsight for all players for twenty seconds. During this time, it is possible to see three hive runes lit up along both sides of the back wall. Mark these down as you will need them in the next stage. Next, one player must jump into the water, pursued by Ecthar, the Shield of Savathun, and start looking for the runes that were lit up. They will be placed randomly in the watery depths of Ghosts of The Deep and must be touched when found. Once all three are activated, rejoin your teammates above the water.

3 Pillars

It is time to activate the pillars that are positioned up the stairs to the left, right, and center. You can do this by killing the Lightbearer Wizards that spawn. When they are killed, they will drop a Ghost that also needs to be destroyed, imbuing whoever killed it with light. This player then must approach one of the statues and activate it. Eventually, all three must be activated to move onto the next stage in the Ghosts of The Deep guide.

Ghosts of The Deep Dungeon guide

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Damage stage

The final attack stage begins when you destroy the Wellkeeper Knight that spawns once the statues are active. He will drop a well that must be stood in to activate the damage phase for Ecthar, the Shield of Savathun. This is where I recommend your Well of Radiance to keep you all alive and deliver as much pain as possible. It is unlikely you will kill him in one, so prepare to repeat the process again before moving on with Ghosts of The Deep. Enjoy your loot, and take a deep breath.

The final Ghosts of The Deep encounter with Simmumah Ur-Norkru

The final fight with Simmumah ur-Nokru is going to take a lot of know-how and reference to my Ghosts of The Deep guide. It’s complex, and I don’t recommend going in blind. But, again, Well of Radiance is very helpful here for the damage phase, and due to the large arena, a Rocket Launcher wouldn’t go amiss.


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Rune reveal

Start the encounter by crushing the Ghost; this will spawn three Revenant Knights that you must kill before moving on to the next stage. Once they are dead, you need to receive Deepsight once again by revealing the illusion. For 20 seconds, your whole team can see dark areas on the map connected by a glowing light. Each player must stand in these areas and kill Vorlog, Risen in Heresy to spawn a portal in the sky above. Look through this portal to reveal a rune. Do this for all three rune locations before moving on to the next part of this Ghosts of The Deep guide.


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Hidden Ghosts of The Deep room

Move through the water walls and into a room located at the back of the underwater section. Here you must defeat the enemy and destroy its Ghost. This will reveal a rune. Mark it down and head back into the main area.

Damage stage

Regain Deepsight and head to the corresponding rune from the section before. Whoever destroyed the Ghost must activate this rune. Now you’re in the damage phase, and it’s time to rain hell. Focus everything you have on Simmumah ur-Nokru. Again, you will unlikely kill the boss in one round, so repeat the process until you have wiped him out.

After all that, it’s probably time to take a load off and enjoy some fishing. Head to one of the fishing spots to unwind.


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