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This morning, Twitter user @BillbilKun shared a potential leak claiming that Tango Gameworks, the developer behind Ghostwire: Tokyo, will unveil a new game sometime soon. Notably, @BillbilKun had previously posted accurate leaks of upcoming PlayStation Plus games before their announcements. This latest leak suggests that Tango Gameworks’ next game goes by the name Hi-Fi RUSH as well as the codename ‘Project Hibiki.’ This leak comes shortly before the planned airing of the Xbox and Bethesda “Developer Direct,” which will occur tomorrow at 3 PM ET. However, the showcase likely won’t include new announcements.

Several days before @BillbilKun’s leak, a post on the r/GamingLeaksandRumors subreddit shared a few links that further allege the existence of Hi-Fi RUSH. One of these links leads to a segment of the XB2 podcast in which host Rand al Thor casually mentions Hi-Fi RUSH and a potential 2023 release window. Additionally, the Reddit post links to a logo trademark for the game that another Reddit post from three months ago shared. Finally, a link to a ResetEra thread reveals several potential concept pieces for the game depicting various sci-fi structures as well as what appears to be the main character.

Tango Gameworks’ next game may be new territory

According to a transcription of a Famitsu article by VGC, Tango Gameworks founder and former Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami stated that he would like for his studio to make games that branch away from the horror genre. Hi-Fi RUSH could serve as the studio’s attempt at this, as rumors claim that the game will function either as a sci-fi shooter or a rhythm-based brawler.

We could find out what form Tango Gameworks’ next game will take, or if it exists at all, as soon as tomorrow. If not, then there remains the possibility that the Ghostwire: Tokyo developer could reveal this game at a later date.

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