Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure Kitten

Crazy cultists, an evil tome, and a talking cat known as “Kitteh” await players in Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure. This game plans to release August 7 and will take players on a Lovecraft-inspired cosmic horror adventure with a mix of comedy.

Gibbous takes place in a city known as Darkham, where Detective Don R. Ketype is on a mission to find the evil tome said to cause chaos: the Necronomicon. His goal is to secure the tome and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, someone else finds it before him. A librarian named Buzz Kerwan stumbles upon the tome while at work. The Necronomicon then activates and transforms his cat into a very cynical, and very impatient, talking animal.

While a talking cat may sound awesome, it’s not so great for Kitteh. The transformation leaves the cat devastated and wishing for nothing more than to turn back into a regular house cat. Thus, Buzz Kerwan and Detective Don R. Ketype team up in order to turn Kitteh back to normal. Meanwhile, multiple cults are popping up around the city, all in search of the Necronomicon and its power.

Throughout the rest of Gibbous‘ story, players will control these three characters as they uncover greater conspiracies lurking in Darkham — and as they discover the secrets behind the Necronomicon’s power.

Here’s a look at a trailer released earlier today.

The tale of the talking cat

Gibbous is a Kickstarter-funded project developed and published by Stuck in Attic. The small indie-game company is based out of Transylvania. Their team contains three developers and, of course, several cats. The game’s creators have taken inspiration from their roots in Transylvania and used it to create a world that reflects the city’s unique architecture and cultural vibe.

Gibbous is entirely hand-painted and traditionally animated. The transition between cutscenes and gameplay should appear practically seamless, as the creators have ensured no detail will go overlooked.

Gamers looking to grab a copy of Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure can wishlist the game on Steam today. You can expect to start your adventure on August 7.

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