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Gigabyte, one of the world’s largest PC hardware companies, has been hit with a ransomware attack. First reported by The Record, the group known as RansomEXX found a way into Gigabyte’s main servers and stole upwards of 112GB of company data.

RansomEXX, a group of hackers known for targeting larger companies, apparently carried out the attack at some point last week. According to the report, the nearly 112GB of confidential data includes information on new products and hardware.


A spokesperson told The Record that production wasn’t impacted by the attack and that all impacted servers have been taken offline and isolated. Still, with data that could include motherboard designs, BIOS files, and even encryption keys, this isn’t a small breach.

What will Gigabyte do about the ransomware attack?

While taking credit for the attack, RansomEXX said that it was ready to leak all of the information it had obtained. That information, in addition to what was previously mentioned, also includes Intel “Potential Issues” documentation, AMD revision guides, and Intel Ice Lake-D SKU details, if the group is to be believed. As far as the amount being asked, that wasn’t revealed publicly by the group.

“We will speak with the company official representative only,” the group’s statement reads. “You must have the right to act on behalf of this company.”

The group further threatens to raise the ransom should its requests not be followed.

Gigabyte ransomware attack

The Gigabyte ransomware letter (credit: The Record).

When PC Invasion reached out regarding potential customer information being impacted, we were told that there is no reason to be concerned at this time.

Gigabyte is investigating how the group managed to breach its security. However, there’s been no update on whether Gigabyte intend to comply with the ransomware hacking group’s demands. No matter what the company decides to do, it’s going to have major ramifications on the future of the business, likely costing Gigabyte millions of dollars along the way.

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