Giveaway: Explore your mind with The Inner Friend

Giveaway: Explore your mind with The Inner Friend

Most games take place without – that is, in the world outside of the one you know. It is full of mystery, adventure, and the promise of what lies beyond. But so few games explore the world inside yours, traveling inward to find a truth that no one else could. Today, we’re hosting a giveaway for the latter.

The Inner Mind is a game that leads the player deep into the recesses of the protagonist’s mind. There, they will find answers from the past. Will you be able to handle what lies within?

From the developer:

Dive into an eerie subconscious universe to face childhood fears and nightmares in order to restore peace to the distressed mind. Led by a mysterious Shadow, players will collect memories while they journey always deeper through the subconscious, unraveling a rich but wordless story and eluding gruesome beings.

The Inner Friend features a rich visual environment, supported by an immersive soundscape and a cinematic soundtrack to enhance immersive and emotional moments. Movement, imagery, and music are the main ways for the player to interact with the Shadow, their guide throughout the dark descent.

To get The Inner Friend added to your Steam library, use the giveaway widget below. You need only tell us why you want to play this game! Ten winners will be randomly drawn on Tuesday, September 11, so get your entries in now.

The Inner Friend is available now on Steam.

Win a copy of The Inner Friend for Steam!

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