We've got a giveaway: Take one of our keys for an exclusive Cloak of the Vine transmute for Neverwinter!

Take one of our keys in this exclusive giveaway for Neverwinter on PC!

Popular MMO Neverwinter has just launched its biggest expansion to date, making the already massive online game even massive-er! Are you going to venture into the Undermountain?

If so, then take one of these cloaks. It’s on the house 🙂

Neverwinter: Undermountain

MMOs confuse and terrify me, so I’ll let Cryptic Studios tell you what’s new!

  • Undermountain Campaign – The many levels of Undermountain hold secrets, exceptional rewards, wondrous beasts and remarkable experiences. The Mad Mage has called adventurers to the cavernous halls below Waterdeep, but for what purpose? Players must survive five brand new Adventure Zones to find out.
  • New Expedition Feature – This all-new feature introduced in Undermountain highlights the unknowable nature of the levels beneath Waterdeep. Expeditions will challenge adventurers with scaling, dynamic, repeatable quests in the search for magic relics, lost routes and some of the expansion’s greatest rewards.
  • Class Revamps – All eight of Neverwinter’s classes will receive varying levels of balance and adjustments in this expansion. Each class has also been renamed to align with Fifth Edition. The goal with these changes is to align classes with their roles and make customization within each path viable, fun and more straightforward.
  • Rewards Overhaul – The most notorious dungeon in all of Faerun will reward adventurers with the best loot in all of Neverwinter. With a level cap increase to 80, new sources of powerful loot including tiered artifact sets can be earned throughout Undermountain and from its caverns’ inhabitants.
  • Endgame Challenge Campaign – Neverwinter’s many older and non-leveling-zone campaigns now offer three weekly bounties earning currency for rewards that are in-line with their endgame characters, regardless of whether the zone these quests were completed in are considered “Endgame,” e.g., Underdark or Sharandar.
  • Redesigned Companions System – Player Companions now fall into one of five categories. The more companions owned within each category, the stronger active companions will be with power upgrades. Synergy will create the biggest bonuses, however, the goal of these changes is to ensure all players can use whichever companions that they want, without punishment.
  • Halaster Encounters – The Mad Mage’s influence can be felt throughout Undermountain, with unpredictable appearances presenting opportunities to witness his full control over this domain. After all, it is his home.

To celebrate the new contest update, we’ve been given 100 keys for you to grab a Clock of the Vine cloak transmute, which grants your character the power to change their appearance. This is an item you can only get via this giveaway — you can’t buy or earn it any other way!


How To Win

Use the widget below to grab your key. You’ll be sent redemption instructions via email after you’ve hit the button. This is a first-come, first-served situation, so once our 100 keys are gone, you’re outta luck, buddy.

These keys are for the PC version of the game, only. Please note that these are Bind-on-Pickup and are limited to one key per account.

Neverwinter: Undermountain is available to play for free on PC. The content comes to consoles on June 11.

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