German publisher Daedalic Entertainment has announced Glitchpunk, a cyberpunk-themed, Grand Theft Auto 2-style top-down action game by developer Dark Lord. The chaotic trailer showcases many familiar themes and elements from the early GTA games, set in near-future dystopian cyberpunk cities. Glitchpunk will get a demo on February 3 during the Steam Games Festival, and is set to release later this year as an early access game.

The playable character in Glitchpunk, an android who tries to defy its own programming, will take the fight against tyrannical governments and megacorporations. Where in GTA you were often the criminal, Glitchpunk will throw you into a city full of dangerous gangs, corrupt police, and “irresponsible drivers” that will, according to the press release, “make each mission and playthrough unpredictable.”


Glitchpunk plays with all the cyberpunk themes

All the elements often found in open-city criminal games are there: gunfights, brawling, theft, driving, and more are all present. However, Daedalic Entertainment stresses that Glitchpunk has more to offer than just violence. The game also tells a story of transhumanism, xenophobia, and religion, including a potential romance or love system. It seems, then, that all themes fitting for a cyberpunk story are there.

The press release lists a set of key features. In Glitchpunk, expect to see a hacking system, 12 different gangs with unique stories, style, and missions, four different cities in different countries, and a mature story with multiple endings, among other things.

Despite being made by a team of just seven people over at Dark Lord, Glitchpunk looks like a feature-rich and ambitious game with lots of detail. It will be Dark Lord’s debut title, so time will have to tell whether it lives up to the promises. But with a demo coming next week and Early Access in the first half of 2021, those who are on the fence can watch from the sidelines whether it’ll be worth taking the plunge.

Glitchpunk can now be wishlisted on Steam.

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