In a recent interview with IncGamers, Global Agenda developers outlined the difference between the subscription and non-subscription game.

    Global Agenda players will have the choice to either pay a monthly fee, which opens up extra features and content such as persistent areas in the game, or to simply play the box-only version. But what exactly will subscribers get for their cash, and will non-subscribers only get half a game experience? As an example, we mentioned the character upgrades that subscribers will be able to craft and sell to other paying players. Will non-subscribers miss out?

    Executive producer Todd Harris was quick to state that it was important to them that there was no imbalance in gameplay between  the subscription and non-subscription game.

    “Non subscribers are going to find the content they have access to very competitive. They’re going to have to work slightly differently in how they get there, but they can get all the same things to help their character. We’ve worked very hard to make sure that people who only buy the box don’t feel like they’re getting a gimped game.” added VP of game operations, Stew Chisam.
    “I would stand very much by the box-only game as a great game if we didn’t have the subscription option to it. We just thought that the subscription option was extremely compelling, worth a subscription and by having a subscription it allows up to run the servers, to make it extra compelling and secure and all one world. It also helps continually add content and grow and evolve the world over time. That wouldn’t be possible through other models.”

    Interestingly, the evolution of the non-subscription model was inspired from the community itself, according to Chisam. Players said they were willing to pay for the game as it is and that it compares favourably with other non subscription shooter games out there.
    Part one of the full interview will be up on Monday and Tuesday here on IncGamers, be sure to check back to find out what else we asked the guys.

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