Global Agenda Patch 1.25 Goes Live

Hi-Rez Studios has released the latest patch for its sci-fi MMO, Global Agenda.

Although v1.25 mainly deals with bug fixes, the 30MB patch also contains tweaks to the knockback mechanic, changes that will allow the alteration of Conquest Zone schedules and a feature that gives Hi-Rez the power to grant new players trial/promotional access to the game. See the full patch notes below.

The 1.25 is available right now, Steam will automatically update game clients when it starts up.

Corrected issue with excessive knockback under certain conditions.
Introduce functionality that will allow more sophisticated Conquest Zone scheduling. Starting Sunday, 28 March, some zones will be open only Saturday/Sunday, and other zones will be open only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. See Conquest Feedback forum for more.
Added missing messages to rotation maps (will not see {MSG ID IS MISSING} errors)
Added functionality to enable a Trial version of the game.

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