Natural Instincts Announcement Trailer Forest Open World Nature Simulator

In Natural Instincts, you are an all-powerful ruler. However, your people… are not people at all. In fact, people are one of your enemies. Instead, you have complete control over the animal kingdom, and it’s your responsibility to protect it from natural disasters and an encroaching human presence. Not only that, but you must also keep the balance of the natural world.

The just-released Natural Instincts announcement trailer provides a glimpse of the beautiful landscapes in this open-world educational simulator. Players will need to watch over the animals in these environments and guide them to ensure their survival. You’ll show them how to find food, water, and shelter and teach them to avoid threats. Oh, and you have complete control, so yes, you also need to help them breed. Enjoy.

The balance of nature is fragile – as one population grows, another might suffer. It’s up to you to keep the balance in check. You’ll want to observe the animals closely and react accordingly when you notice something suspicious. After all, the threat of extinction is always looming.

Explore all the natures

The Natural Instincts announcement trailer only shows off the forest landscape, but there are six distinct environments for you to play in. Each one will confront you with different challenges and unique weather, plants, and animals. Guide wolves in European forests, save penguins in Antarctica, or command lions in the African Savannah. Each biome will provide a completely different adventure.

Natural Instincts Announcement Trailer Antarctica Penguins

These days, people are more conscious of the environment and humanity’s effect on it than ever before. As such, games that have you play from nature’s point of view are becoming more commonplace. Just last month, we got our hands on Lost Ember, a game where you play a lone wolf and uncover the events that led to the fall of humans.

Natural Instincts currently has no release date, but don’t let that stop you from adding it to your Steam wishlist. DreamStorm Studios assures us that the release date will be announced shortly.

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