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Goat Simulator 3, the sequel to the hit game Goat Simulator (yes, they skipped the second iteration), is coming eight years after the original release. The game got a surprise announcement during Summer Games Fest this year, and now we can finally put a release date to the great announcement trailer. Come November 17, Goat Simulator 3 will be available on the Epic Games Store.

Santiago Ferrero, the creative director for Coffee Stain North, stated: “People told us not to beat a dead horse but no one ever said anything about goats, so we’re thrilled to announce Goat Simulator 3’s release date. I wouldn’t exactly say we’re ‘proud’ to be bringing Pilgor’s antics back to players in November, but that’s definitely what we’re doing.”


Goat Simulator 3 comes out to pasture

After a hyped, reference filled announcement trailer, some were anticipating a 2023 release. The developer has confirmed that the wait won’t be that long. If Goat Simulator 3 follows the same model as the first game, expect joke DLC’s, as well as many self-referential meta jokes. Players will once again take control of Pilgor the Goat on the island of San Angora. Some might remember this location from some of the Goat Simulator maps. Goat Simulator 3 will have four-player co-op, so you can romp around with up to three friends and cause maximum chaos.Goat Simulator 3 Release Key Art

Goat Simulator 3 is now available for “pre-udder,” costing $29.99 USD. The original game only costs $9.99 USD at the moment. Players will also have access to a “digital downgrade” offering, which gives you access to some remastered content from the original Goat Simulator. Finally, Epic Games is also offering players a “Goat in a Box” edition of the game, which is a physical pre-order that comes with cute goat-themed merchandise.

Anyone looking for more information on Goat Simulator 3 can view the “pre-udder” trailer below.


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