Bandai Namco has gone pretty announcement-happy, revealing several titles that will be getting western localised, PC releases next year.

Both God Eater: Resurrection, and God Eater 2: Rage Burst will be heading our way. I’m not too familiar with this series, but it seems to slot in that ‘hunting’ genre with things like Monster Hunter (of course) and Toukiden.

Here’s a trailer from the sequel, which doesn’t show a whole lot in the way of gameplay, but does flash up an intimidating creature or two.

The PC will also be getting Tales of Berseria, the upcoming entry in the Tales series of JRPGs. We got Tales of Zestiria recently, so presumably that sold well enough on Steam to merit this release. It’s due out in Japan some time in 2016, with the western localisation release unconfirmed at present (though likely to be 2016 as well).

Here’s your trailer for that announcement.

And, finally, One Piece: Burning Blood will be getting a release on PC too. As far as I know this is new information (because I’ve had press releases about this game before, and I don’t think it mentioned a PC version until now). Looks like this one is a fighting game along the lines of the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm series. But I could be wrong.

Enjoy the relish with which the narrator says the game’s title in this new trailer.

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