June 22nd, 2017

GoD Factory: Wingmen blows things up in space while looking gorgeous

GoD Factory: Wingmen blows things up in space while looking gorgeous
god factory wingmen
In space, no-one can hear you pew pew pew bzzzzt wshhhhhhh BOOM.

Apparently, we’ve all been really missing space combat games, and now developers are trying to make up for it by releasing hundreds of the buggers. Strike Suit Zero! Elite: Dangerous! The obscenely overfunded Star Citizen! Still no Freespace 3! Why isn’t TIE Fighter on GOG! Sorry. I got distracted there.

The latest indie space combat title vying for your attention and your cash is the unusually named GoD Factory: Wingmen, a 4v4 competitive space combat thingy in which each team is trying to destroy the other’s carrier. You can build your own ship from the ground up, choosing one of four races and then picking from 1000 parts to suit the way you want to play. Want teleportation or the ability to create holographic decoys? Go for it. You’re going to have to, because destroying said carrier looks like it’ll require a fair mix of playstyles – you can weaken it by breaching the hull, or keep yourself safe from its weapons systems by disabling its radar, before you go in for the kill.

Also, GoD Factory: Wingmen is almost offensively pretty. The trailer below should prove that point nicely.

This news comes because the Kickstarter for the game has just opened up, and they’re asking for a mere $70,000 Canadian dollars. That must be, what, about 62p? (Or £42,000. One of those.)

Not convinced? Welp, a preview build of the game is available for play while the Kickstarter lasts, so you can actually try it for yourself. Right now. Really. Go click on the Kickstarter link to do so. If you like it, then purchasing it (for either $15 CAD or $20 CAD – £9 to £12 – depending on how quickly you act) will also net you access to the game’s alpha and beta as and when they appear.

If it gets funded, and I rather hope it will, then GoD Factory: Wingmen should be prepped for launch in March 2014.

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