June 22nd, 2017

GoD Factory: Wingmen pre-orders include free second key

god factory wingmen
If godliness is next to cleanliness, then is GoD Factory: Wingmen next to… no, that’s just ridiculous.

Pre-ordering 4v4 space battler GoD Factory: Wingmen will net you a second key, as well as a few other bits and bobs.

Bandai Namco have announced that pre-orders for the multiplayer space combat game are now open at £14.99, and plonking down your money now will get you a second key that you can give to a friend. Which means that pre-ordering the game and going halves with someone else means it’ll only cost about £7.50 per person, which isn’t bad at all! If, y’know, you’re confident enough about it that you think it’s worth £7.50.

Your pre-orders will also net you a digital soundtrack and a digital artbook, as is legally required for every game in either pre-orders or collector’s editions. Additionally, you’ll get access to the “Hypershiny” skin pack, which lets you colour your gunship bright copper, bright silver, or bright gold. Which you’d think might make you easier to see and thus shoot at, but maybe things work differently in the cold depths of space. Maybe you rely on space-radar instead. I don’t know; I haven’t played it.

GoD Factory: Wingmen pits four players against four players IN SPACE, with each team trying to destroy the others’ carrier. There are four playable races, a multitude of ways to customise your ship, and – considering you need to balance both attack and defence – a mix between fast-paced action and the need for a tactical approach. It’s due out on 29 August, and you can pre-order it now for £14.99. Or £7.50, if you can talk a friend into going halves.

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